Sunday, January 14, 2007

West Coast Rap - The First Dynasty Vol. 1 (1992)

1. Gigolo Rapp - Disco Daddy And Captain Rapp
2. Rappin Partee Groove - Rappers Rapp Group
3. The Coldest Rap - Ice-T
4. Radio Activity Rapp - M.C. Fosty And Lovin' C.
5. Dial-A-Freak - Uncle Jam's Army
6. Bad Times (I Can't Stand It) - Captain Rapp
7. Egypt, Egypt - The Egyptian Lover
8. Erotic City Rapp - King M.C. And D.J. Flash
9. We Like Ugly Women - Bobby Jimmy And The Critters
10. Rockberry Jam - L.A. Dream Team
11. Slice - The World Class Wreckin' Cru
12. 2 Live - The 2 Live Crew
13. Rumors - Timex Social Club

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Dr.OK said...

thx 4 this kido, have a few of the tracks on here, but not all, nice addition!

Josh said...

I see a lot of early stuff in this one. I really appreciate the early stuff. I got excited when I saw this one.

Thanks again.

P.S. Great collection you have there.