Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just so you know.......

I'd like to thank everyone for checking this out from time to time. I really enjoy doing this. As time has gone on, the people I used to share these album memories with have moved on to other, work, and some of them have even past away....(RIP my homies). I have now found that I can use this as a tool to share my thoughts and opinions on all that old school I used to kick back to. Mosty what I post is what I used to listen to...Im not really looking for that rare album or that album to complete an artist discography...I just want to find those albums that I used to love. I think sometimes its more than the quality of the track for me...the time and place and maybe who I was with when I heard it is what brings back that good vibe that makes it so exciting when I find an OS album. I hope what I post can bring that vibe to whoever checks my site. I mostly been droppin old school hip-hop but I got some R&B and maybe even some oldies that ill be sharing in the future. Peace out my new friends and I hope you enjoy what I got to offer.

Thanks to all those that have shared there pride and joy joints...I do appreciate it.


Jaz said...

I hear you on this man, I am the exact same you can't talk Golden Age Hip Hop to some people because it's not cool for them anymore or they just don't get or understand it.

It's the same reason I did my blog as well.

Keep up the work and I added you as a link.

Robert said...

Hey Kido,just discovered the blog through Wakeyourdaughterup and I realise now how much I love my old school and golden age rap.
I stay up to date with new releases but am not interested by many.
Thanks for the gems!!