Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor / Monster Crack [12"] (1986)

A1 Go See The Doctor (Uncensored Version)
A2 Go See The Doctor (Almost Clean Version)
B1 Monster Crack (Street Mix)
B2 Monster Crack (Radio Mix)


Saturday, April 5, 2008

X-Clan - Funkin' Lesson [12"] (1990)

A. Funkin' Lesson (Album Version)
B. Funkin' Lesson (Instrumental)


X-Clan - Heed The Word Of The Brother / Raise The Flag [12"] (1989)

A1 Heed The Word Of The Brother (Vocal)
A2 Heed The Word Of The Brother (Instrumental)
B1 Raise The Flag (Vocal)
B2 Raise The Flag (Instrumental)


PreC.I.S.E. MC, The - All Night Thang [12"] (1991)

A1 All Night Thang (LP Version)
A2 All Night Thang (Acappella)
A3 All Night Thang (Main Mix)
A4 All Night Thang (Instrumental)
B1 All Night Thang (LP Version)
B2 All Night Thang (Acappella)
B3 All Night Thang (Main Mix)
B4 All Night Thang (Instrumental)


DJ Magic Mike - M & M Getting Off [12"] (1990)

A1 M & M Getting Off (Bass Out Club Mix)
A2 M & M Getting Off (Bass Out Radio Edit)
B1 M & M Getting Off (The Half House Mix)
B2 M & M Getting Off (Original Version)
B3 M & M Getting Off (House Beats)


Doctor Ice - Sue Me! / Word Up Doc! [12"] (1989)

A1 Sue Me! (Extended Mix)
A2 Sue Me! (Single Version)
B1 Sued! (Take Me To Court Mix)
B2 Sue Me! (Instrumental)
B3 Word Up Doc!