Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everlast - Forever Everlasting (1990)

1. Syndicate Soldier
2. Speak No Evil
3. Syndication (Remix)
4. What Is This
5. The Rhythm [Featuring Donald D , Ice-T]
6. I Got The Knack
7. On The Edge
8. Fuck Everyone
9. Goodbye
10. Pass It On
11. Never Missin' A Beat


3rd Bass - Gladiator [12"] (1992)

A1 Gladiator (Main Mix)
A2 Gladiator (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
A3 Gladiator (Main Mix Instrumental)
B1 Word To The Third (LP Mix)
B2 Gladiator (Easy Mo Bee Remix) (Instrumental)


Some of my old piece book art...

Some of my art from around '96...don't really hit-up anymore but back then it was my life.