Sunday, January 14, 2007

The D.O.C. - The Formula [12"] (1989)

A1. The Formula (Funky FM Mix)
A2. The Formula (Instrumental)
B1. Whirlwind Pyramid (LP Version)
B2. The Formula (LP Version)

Download Here


KYOZAI said...

Im a crazy for da stuff like that

Thx a lot

KYOZAI said...


Thx the cover 2

diggydaz said...

great post men ! if u have ezsd'album & da funk shun the album please up this!

kingofallcards said...

hey bro, do you have :D.O.C. - MIND BLOWIN w/ MASTER PIECE REMIX 12"?

Josh said...

I downloaded this one as well.

Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

avery said...

Yo, i've been lookin this forever. i'ma send you a shout from my blog.