Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Growing in my house there was always music. Motown oldies all day long...I didnt appreciate the music back then like I do now but one Artist I always enjoyed listening to was Ralfi Pagan. My Father used to play his music full blast usually on Fridays after a long week of work while kicking back on the front porch drinking a few. It was cool because us kids were able to stay outside as long as my Dad was on the porch. As the night went on more people would show up and the party was on...I think we thought we were the only people who lived on the block...it was cool. I ran into this CD a couple of years ago and it always reminds me of those good simple days of just being a kid carefree.

If you dont know this then give a listen....enjoy.

Ralfi Pagan - Legend (2004)

1. No Soy De Ti
2. Ooo Baby
3. Make It With You
4. To Say I Love You
5. Don't Stop Now
6. Look At Her
7. El Hijo De Mama
8. Negrita
9. I'd Have You Anytime
10. I Never Thought You'd Leave Me
11. Didn't Want To Have To Do It
12. What A Wonderful Thing We Had
13. Just For A Little While
14. I Could Never Hurt You Girl
15. Just One Of Your Kisses
16 . Who Is The Girl For Me

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RayJay said...

Wow, Now this is Bad In The Day!!!.Thanks this is really a nice treat. Excellent Work - Peace

Mr B said...

Ralfi Pagan is a great FANIA crossover album, a rare sort in FANIA's catalog



Anonymous said...

Wow thanx a lot for sharing such a great album and your back in the day story. Ralfi was a fantastic talent that never got his true due.