Sunday, February 25, 2007

Toddy Tee - I Need A Rolex [12"] (1989)

A1. I Need A Rolex (Remix)
A2. Hip Hop Gangster
A3. This Beat Is Smooth
B1. You Haven't Heard Nothing (LP Version)
B2. You Haven't Heard Nothing (Dub)
B3. You Haven't Heard Nothing (Bonus Beats)



The Gosub Routine said...

cheers kido!

Dr.OK said...

the B-side is "Domination"
shold have this Toddy Tee/Domination split single???
that's how it reads on the cover
(jus so ya knew)

AugustusCole said...

Nice post. This beat be smooth was the jam back in the day. Never heard this version before though. The one I have is barely over 2 minutes. TY