Monday, February 19, 2007

Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - The Main Event (1986)

1. The Main Event (vocal)
2. We're Back Y'All
3. It's the Hip Hop
4. All the Way Live
5. Bed Stuy
6. Freddy's Back
7. Coolin' On the Avenue
8. The Main Event (Round 2)
9. It's Hyped
10. Go G Whiz



Dr.OK said...

aww cool brother , i didn't have the fullalbum, nice one!

oneforwill said...

thank you for this selection, like many i didn't have the full album...

Kevin Beacham said...

I always liked these guys. Particularly the "It's The Hip Hop" cut. All the solo verses are excellent!

steviestarr said...

tried to listen to this wicked freddy b set but the link didn't work could u fix it I really luv these guyz peace