Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Newcleus - Jam On It [12in] (1984)

A1. - Jam on it
B1. - Jam on it (Instrumental)

Download Here


jazzypier said...

,,,sorry can't dowload cause all the slots are busy...can u use rapidshare please? better than this (non)sendspace,,,thx

Jazz One said...

It wasn't giving me anyway to DL that on sendspace. I use myself.

kido said...

I'm going to re-up this with Z-share. I never used Sendspace before and I guess I wont ever use it again...sorry for that people. I'll get this reposted.

Crenkz said...

When do you think you'll upload to Z-share!!!

Jazz One said...

I had heard hip hop before that came out but this track was one of the first tracks I would just lose it when I heard it.
It 20something years later, it still gets that same response.
Once again, thank you.

Machiventa said...

thx yo