Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket - Livin in Da Bottle [12"] (1992)

A1. Livin' In Da Bottle (Naughty Boy Vocal Mix)
A2. Livin' In Da Bottle (Blakmarket Vocal Mix)
A3. Livin' In Da Bottle (Blakmarket Instrumental Mix)
B1. Ruff Neck Style (Blakmarket Vocal Mix)
B2. Ruff Neck Style (Blakmarket Instrumental Mix)
B3. Livin' In Da Bottle (Naughty Boy Instrumental Mix)



Jaz said...

Dig it...that was a great single and I liked the album, especially "Not U Again" which I included on my Back To 1992 compilation.

keep up the dope work and please check my requests.


Jaz said...

ooops I meant will be on my next one...