Sunday, February 25, 2007

Candyman - Knockin' Boots [12"] (1990)

01. Knockin' Boots (radio mix)
02. Knockin' Boots (12' mix)
03. Knockin' Boots (instrumental)
04. Knockin' Boots (st. james remix)
05. Keep On Whatcha Doin'
06. Keep On Whatcha Doin' (instrumental)



Perfecta said..., i was gonna say i was thinking i'd never see this again, but after hearing it i think i was Hoping i wouldn't see it

well i guess hip hop needs its gimmick tracks too......

zaire said...

the link isnt working for me. could somebody re post it or provide another link. thanks. peace

DJ eC said...

please re-up...props for the dope 12" you drop

djmoneymike said...

The link is not working. Please RE-UP

djmoneymike said...

Someone got to re-up this is a classic.

Lil' Boiz said...

can you re-up please? i really need the instrumental version. thanks in advance