Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rodney O & Joe Cooley - This Is For The Homies [12"] (1988)

A. This Is For The Homies (Remix)
B1. This Is For The Homies (Remix Instrumental)
B2. Nobody Disses Me



DROK said...

KIDDO!!!!! , what up homie!, glad you all alive and well bruddah.
I need yur email somehow, to invite you back on to And It Don't Stop,,, ,, you got me started on this shit bruh, still goin strong, creepin up on a year now...hit me up , your cbox dosen't seem to be working properly, I'll chack back in.
You got some good post goin up too btw, I remeber buying a few of these 12"s damn, memories..holla!

Marv said...

Kidddo, can you holla back at:


Gus Granite said...

There's not enough comments on this site so wanna say thanks. Thanks...

Industrial Strength Remixes said...

wow!!! i lost my vinyl years ago. i was so excited to see this but the link wasn't there. any chance u can re-up?

let me know if u need anything on my end.