Saturday, June 16, 2007

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime [CDS] (1991)

1. Summertime (Single Edit)
2. Summertime (LP Version)
3. Summertime (D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Mix)
4. Summertime (Extended Club Mix)
5. Summertime (Extended Bass Mix)
6. Summertime (Street Reclub Mix)
7. Summertime (D.J. Jazzy Jeff's Instrumental)
8. Summertime (Instrumental)



KYOZAI said...

Whoa Thx Man !!

zingama said...

nice blog

DROK said...

Thx kiddo, this is a classic gem,, you still so busy with work, havent seen/heard much outta ya!?!

Mephisto said...

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George said...

This is Semantik from Just wanted to say that Back In The day is a great site. Was also hoping you would make a link to my site, which focuses on Hip-Hop production, vinyl, samples, instrumentals, and crate digging.

Peace and & Respect,